Pre-Orders! We Have Pre-Orders!

Watching the Amazon sales rank float up and down every day, it was driving my crazy wondering what the numbers meant in terms of actual pre-orders for the book. Yesterday I had one of those “duh” moments when I realized that, since 99% of the action must be coming through the link on GeekDad, and since that link goes through my Amazon Affiliate account, I could run an Orders report to see what the numbers actually are. So, here we are! From the start of the year, there have been 170 pre-orders for the book. And over 16k click-thrus! Woo-hoo!

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Every Step Gets Me Halfway Closer

First thing in the morning, the corrected galley ships back across the country, and so does my last chance to change anything in the book. I think I’m okay with that. You know, except for the whole part about wondering if anything in it is really any good, and when are people going to figure out that I’m really not a writer.

Jeez, creative types, you know?

Anyway, I saw a draft press release today as well, which was a little surreal. Someone actually spent time writing something up to extol the virtues of my creation. It was cool, though. And soon, the back cover text and art will show up, and finally some bound galleys which are for handing out to people who are cool enough to quote on the cover. Like I know a whole bunch of those.

Actually, I storta do. I’m really hoping I can get copies to Wil, and Leo Laporte, and Adam Savage, and Phil Plait, and maybe Peter Sagal. They are all geeky dads, and would hopefully find something interesting in there. Plus, they’re all geek icons!

And as you read this, it’s t-minus three months (or something like 13 weeks!) until the on-sale date. I feel like a stranger in a strange land with all this, but there’s no way I’m turning around now.

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