Geek Dad Book Review – Not Just for Dads and Sons

There’s a neat review over at I Should Be Napping, talking both about Geek Dad the book as well as Ken the GeekDad himself. In fact, he’s a newly minted “favorite web personality”. Pretty shiny title, if you ask me. We like this part, about the importance of geekiness and girliness, especially:

This book is called Geek Dad but it certainly applies to Geek Moms (or Geek Sisters or Aunties) as well. I think the author has two sons, but I particularly like this book for little girls because it exposes them to projects that the average mom might not know how to expose them to (I can lead a castle-painting project solo, but will need some guidance to show my kids how to build fireflies using LEDs, electrical tape, and batteries). I’m looking forward to learning about electronics (Electronic Origami, Fireflies For Every Season) with my daughters – and that kind of enthusiastic learning, combined with energetic creativity, is why being a geek is so cool!

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