I Suck At… Reviews GeekDad

From Mike Yee at I Suck At:

Last night, I finished reading Geek Dad by Ken Denmead. Now I suck at Geek Dad. For anyone curious, the book is about projects and activities that a “geeky” father can do with his children. Karen had stumbled upon the book one day and thought it would be a fitting book for me to read. (I am assuming that means she thinks I am a geek.)

We hope you have fun with the projects, Mike. And hopefully you won’t suck at any of them!

Electric Origami at MAKE

Here’s a little piece that features Ken’s electric origami project via MAKE:

It’s a starter origami project where you build a simple paper box with a built-in LED circuit, drawn with a conductive ink pen.

This would be a fun MAKEcation project to do with your kids. If you do any electronic origami, inspired by this, please tell us about it/link to photos in the comments below or in the project notes of Make: Projects.

Ooh, shiny origami!

Review: Great Ideas When You Run Out

Table For Five cites Geek Dad as instrumental for filling in the blanks when you’ve just run out of interesting things to do with your kids. No fear! Geek Dad is here! (And we’re happy to help!) From the review:

Summer can sometimes drag on forever when you’re a kid, but when you’ve got a resource like Geek Dad with over 30 actvities to do you feel safe that not only will the time go by faster, but your kids will learn to enjoy science and look at learning as fun.

Review: Bring on a Series

Adventures in All Things Food thinks Geek Dad ought to be a series. Well, we can’t argue with that. From the review:

I already have a list of people this book would be perfect for. My DH is on the top of the list! I can’t wait to see my two guys work their way through this book. I love hands on projects that capitalize on creativity and quality time for families…I would love to see another book with Geek Dad in the kitchen or Geek Dad Goes Outdoors. Oh, the possibilities!

Review: Reading by Example

At Living Changerously, Andrea picked up the book after her husband “couldn’t put it down”. While many of Geek Dad‘s projects are a little above the curve for their 6-year-old, the plan is looking forward to the future:

Some of the other projects we are planning on doing (and only haven’t yet because of all the travelling we have been doing this summer) are: Make your own cartoons, Model Building with cake (really – anything with cake and I am in!) and the Exploding Drink practical joke.

Review: I Dare You Not To Make Something

Much of what’s at the heart of Geek Dad is a love for making things, and more importantly, making things with other people. Particularly family. Over at Just Like the Number, that sentiment was certainly picked up:

Most of the projects are geared for kids elementary school-age and up, but I still think it would make a cool gift for a new dad. You know, give him some time to try out the projects on his own.  Perfect them, if you will. Because that’s what geeky dads do, and we love them for it.

I dare you to share it with your favorite dad and see if he doesn’t find something that makes him say, “Hey kids, you wanna help me with blank?” And it will be something awesome and fun, as opposed to vacuuming out his truck.