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And another: Geek Dad Gets Director Thor Freudenthal –

The news is rolling around the net: GEEK DAD coming to the big screen – News – GeekTyrant

Holy Carp! I’m in “the trades” again!

Even scarier now: 1 & 2 in “Experiments & Projects” or 8 & 12 in “Crafts & Hobbies!” Back to obsessing!

Woo-hoo! The folks at @uncrate cover my new book, “The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun”

My first book is in …

My first book is in the catalog! #geekdadbook

Found out yesterday my 1st book is in its 11th printing, 64k copies total. W00t!

@begoesti I appreciate that, thanks. …

@begoesti I appreciate that, thanks. Yeah, the publisher seems intent on big titles. I’m just going with the flow 😉 #geekdadbook

Hey, cool: I’ll be on …

Hey, cool: I’ll be on “The Groks Science” show on Community Radio, University of Chicago at 1:35pt/3:35ct #geekdadbook

Awesome translated version of a …

Awesome translated version of a Spanish blog review of the Spanish-language version of my first book: #geekdadbook