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BookDads says “If there’s a series of books I would recommend as a must-have for all dads, it would have to be the Geek Dad books.”

Just a wonderful review of the new book by Chris Singer over at

Ken Denmead keeps raising the bar with each installment in this series. I can’t wait to see where the next one takes us (please tell me there’s going to be more!!).

Read the whole thing here.

Fantastic Review of “Mad Scientist” on FatherGeek

This kind of review just makes me happy. Thanks so much!

Once again, Denmead has compiled a wonderful list of activities for the family. My little geeks and I have had a great time reading and completing them together. The real joy of this book comes from working and learning as a family and […]

Fun Advertising for The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists

Love this animated gif advertising the book.

It’s Book Launch Day! Follow Me Around the Country on my Radio Tour

The GeekDad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists hits the shelves today, and I’m doing a radio tour. If you live near one of the stations in the list below, tune in and hear me promote the new book!

The Geek Dad Book For Aspiring Mad Scientist RMT Schedule

Tuesday, November 1st

5:45 […]