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Welcome to All The Geeky Dads Who Got a GeekDad Book For Father’s Day!

The Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun

Yes, it's finally here!

Hey everyone, welcome! Glad you stopped by, and hope you’re happy you received a copy of one or both of the GeekDad books for Father’s Day. I try to keep this book blog relatively up to date about book news. Plus, there are forums here for asking and trading information about the projects. Worse comes to worst, you can email me at the contact address.


If you don’t already, I’ll also welcome you to take a look at, the site I edit and publish over at Wired. It’s for geeky parents of all kinds. You may also want to see, for the very same reasons. Cheers!

And another lovely Father’s Day book mention, this time in a WA paper.

Nice mention in the local afternoon paper!

A Special Father’s Day Episode of The Nerdist Podcast, With GeekDad Ken Denmead!

I had the awesomely fun opportunity to guest on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Podcast last week, and the show just posted today. I even managed to keep from swearing… too much! Thanks to Chris, Matt, and Jonah (those are all twitter links) for a great experience!
Check out the show HERE.

My Segment on 7-Live

I had the honor of doing a Father’s Day gadget segment on the afternoon talk show for our local ABC affiliate, KGO. It was a ton of fun, and I think it went pretty well. Enjoy!

Another nice book mention! Dad’s day done right – Weekly Surge –

Scientific American suggests my book as an “Also Notable” book for kids:

This is great! Check out the ad on today’s edition of “Shelf Awareness” (an industry book blog):

“@PreventionMag: Check out these gifts from @TOMSSHOES @saucony @Panasonic & @fitzwillie”

Is it extra special that the @amazon ranking for both my books currently totals less than 1,000? (908, to be precise). W00t!