A Plug in Publishers Weekly

Saw this in my Google Alerts today from Publishers Weekly. Looks like the PR bandwidth is ramping up:

Also along “awesome” lines is Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share (May) by Ken Denmead, writer of Wired’s popular blog of the same name. According to Gotham/Avery editorial director Megan Newman, “This is for the new dad whose nostalgia is not for his old Flexible Flyer or Little League mitt, but who instead wants to share with his kids the geeky things that informed his childhood: video games, Star Wars, and anything electronic.”

First GeekDad Book Signing Scheduled

It’s important to do it yourself sometimes, so this weekend with family in tow, I walked into our local Borders Books. “Hello, I have a book coming out,” I said to a woman who was aptly named Joy. She was totally enthusiastic to get me signed up, and so I will be holding my first ever book signing at the Fremont Borders on Saturday, May 8th, from 2-4pm. As the Doctor might say, “Fantastic!”

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