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TimProbableTim Bergen
@kendenmead @prettygeeky @wilw The lesser-known,but no less menacing,"Inane Clown Posse".
2 weeks ago
cdharrisonChris Harrison
@kendenmead I was going to suggest Romulan Ale,but it exists already:
3 weeks ago
TheMichaelBusbyMichael Busby
@kendenmead You should write that on a Mobius Loop;I've always wondered about that.
4 weeks ago
geekDadNathNathan Barry
@antonolsen @cerebus19 @kendenmead odd,I get nothing odd my iPåd and iPhøne,but they appear straight away on desktop. Sorry to panic you!
2 months ago
geekDadNathNathan Barry
@kendenmead hell yeah! I'd be writing up a dreddwatch about it if I wasn't dealing with a ton of stuff cos of the flooding!
2 months ago

GeekDad:Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share

The ultimate DIY project guide for techie dads raising kids in their own geeky image,in the spirit of The Dangerous Book for Boys Today’s generation of dads grew up more tech-savvy than ever. Rather than joining the Little League team,many grew up playing computer games,Dungeons and Dragons,and watching Star Wars. Now with kids of their own,these digital-age dads are looking for fresh ways to share their love of science and technology,and help their kids develop a passion for learning and discovery.

Enter supergeek,and father of two,Ken Denmead. An engineer and editor of the incredibly popular GeekDad blog on,Ken has created the ultimate,idea-packed guide guaranteed to help dads and kids alike enjoy the magic of playtime together and tap into the infinite possibility of their imagination. With illustrations throughout,this book offers projects for all ages to suit any timeframe or budget. With Denmead’s expert guidance,you and your child can:

•Fly a night-time kite ablaze with lights or launch a video camera with balloons

•Construct the “Best Slip n’Slide Ever,”a guaranteed thrill ride

•Build a working lamp with LEGO bricks and CDs

•Create a customized comic strip or your own board game

•Make geeky crafts like cyborg jack-o’-lanterns or Ethernet cuff links

Brimming with endlessly fun and futuristic tidbits on everything from gaming to gadgets, GeekDad helps every tech-savvy father unleash his inner kid-and bond with the next generation of brainiacs.

Where to Buy:

Amazon,B&N,IndieBound,Powells,Books-a-Million,iTunes, Marbles:The Brain Store

Downloads Associated With the Projects in This Book:

(Right-click and download the files you need.)