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TimProbableTim Bergen
@kendenmead @prettygeeky @wilw The lesser-known,but no less menacing,"Inane Clown Posse".
2 weeks ago
cdharrisonChris Harrison
@kendenmead I was going to suggest Romulan Ale,but it exists already:
4 weeks ago
TheMichaelBusbyMichael Busby
@kendenmead You should write that on a Mobius Loop;I've always wondered about that.
4 weeks ago
geekDadNathNathan Barry
@antonolsen @cerebus19 @kendenmead odd,I get nothing odd my iPåd and iPhøne,but they appear straight away on desktop. Sorry to panic you!
2 months ago
geekDadNathNathan Barry
@kendenmead hell yeah! I'd be writing up a dreddwatch about it if I wasn't dealing with a ton of stuff cos of the flooding!
2 months ago

The GeekDad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists:The Coolest Experiments and Projects for Science Fairs and Family Fun

Available now!

 The bestselling Geek Dad puts his cool spin on science experiments and projects to foster a love of science in kids.

Fans of the New York Times bestselling Geek Dad and The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun will flock to the 3.0 version, The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists. As Ken Denmead explains,most kids lack an understanding of science and an awareness of how it influences our everyday lives. What kids today need is a fun way to learn scientific concepts. This book will help scientists-in-the- making discover how our world works with creative project ideas,including how to:

  • Grow crystals to power your Stargate and set your room aglow
  • Extract your own DNA and decode your genes
  • Build a MacGyver radio from nothing but cast-off electrical and office supplies

Chock-full of instructional illustrations throughout, The Geek Dad Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists puts the fun back in science.


Where to Buy:

Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, Powells, Books-a-Million, iTunes, Marbles:The Brain Store

Downloads Associated With the Projects in This Book:

(Right-click and download the files you need.)

Arduino Code for “Can You Dodge a Laser?”