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#geekdadbook event is going great! …

#geekdadbook event is going great!



This event is AMAZING! they …

This event is AMAZING! they did mockups from my book! #geekdadbook

Heading to The City today …

Heading to The City today for a #geekdadbook event with @wired @KatManalac

#geekdadbook makes national indie booksellers …

#geekdadbook makes national indie booksellers bestseller list:

RT @Factorbot Interviewed @fitzwillie, author …

RT @Factorbot Interviewed @fitzwillie, author of #geekdadbook. Learned I am not as big a geek as I thought. Must work harder at being a geek

Is This the Holy Grail? Geek Dad in Costco!

We knew they’d put in an order for books, but we hadn’t seen Geek Dad in any Costco’s. Well, now we’ve got evidence! (thanks to my father-in-law Bob for catching this!)

Wow, you’re so right! “@thebillmo: …

Wow, you’re so right! “@thebillmo: It’s a Geek thing. He wouldn’t understand. #geekdadbook”

LA Times, baby!!! #geekdadbook

LA Times, baby!!! #geekdadbook

#geekdadbook in the window of …

#geekdadbook in the window of our local Borders!