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TimProbableTim Bergen
@kendenmead @prettygeeky @wilw The lesser-known,but no less menacing,"Inane Clown Posse".
2 weeks ago
cdharrisonChris Harrison
@kendenmead I was going to suggest Romulan Ale,but it exists already:
3 weeks ago
TheMichaelBusbyMichael Busby
@kendenmead You should write that on a Mobius Loop;I've always wondered about that.
4 weeks ago
geekDadNathNathan Barry
@antonolsen @cerebus19 @kendenmead odd,I get nothing odd my iPåd and iPhøne,but they appear straight away on desktop. Sorry to panic you!
2 months ago
geekDadNathNathan Barry
@kendenmead hell yeah! I'd be writing up a dreddwatch about it if I wasn't dealing with a ton of stuff cos of the flooding!
2 months ago

Review:Great Ideas When You Run Out

Table For Five cites Geek Dad as instrumental for filling in the blanks when you’ve just run out of interesting things to do with your kids. No fear! Geek Dad is here! (And we’re happy to help!) From the review:

Summer can sometimes drag on forever when you’re a kid,but when you’ve got a resource like Geek Dad with over 30 actvities to do you feel safe that not only will the time go by faster,but your kids will learn to enjoy science and look at learning as fun.

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