Take a Step to the Right

Just a note from the webmaster (who is also the author): I’ve just successfully moved GeekDadBook.com, along with a number of my other domains and sites, consolidating multiple domain hosts and web hosts into just a two-shop setup (hover.com for the domains and fatcow.com for the web hosting). I believe I have earned my web-geek merit badge today. However, some things may still be broken around here, even as I streamline the site. For example, the Twitter widget in the corner is successful about 50% of the time. I’ve also abandoned the forums (no time to monitor them, and both the folks who were going to play admin for me had to move on to other things). All pertinent comments and questions will need to be asked in the comments to the book pages (accessed from the sidebar), or emailed directly to me.

Still, I’m really happy I got this done. W00t!

2 thoughts on “Take a Step to the Right

  1. It looks like the original Geek Dad book (the red one) has a bad link.

    My 7 year old is REALLY excited to do some more of the projects from the book… any chance that link can get fixed soon?

    Awesome books!

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