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GeekDad Book(s) News!

I figured it was time for an overall update on the state of the GeekDad books. So much is happening with all three books, sometimes it’s hard to keep things straight. So here, in no particular order, are some tidbits:

Book #3, The GeekDad’s Book for Aspiring Mad Scientists, hits store shelves 11/1/11 (palindrome!). On […]

First Errata for The Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun

The fittings should match the pipe.

Yup, found the first mistake!

In the materials list for the Alien Drums project, the pipe fittings should be 2″, not 2-1/2″ (i.e. they should be the correct fittings to match the 2″ PVC)

How Not to Do the Zipline Project

From @thinkgeek today:

Congrats on GeekDad book #2 coming out today! Timmy tried Jamie’s zip line project: Oops.

From now on, the Jayne hat will be recommended safety gear for all GeekDad projects.

I’m on Sale in Spain! (and Paired with Ricky Martin?)

This just came through my RSS feeds: looks like the Spanish-language version of my first book is up for sale in Spain now. How cool is that?!?!

Electric Origami at MAKE

Here’s a little piece that features Ken’s electric origami project via MAKE:

It’s a starter origami project where you build a simple paper box with a built-in LED circuit, drawn with a conductive ink pen.

This would be a fun MAKEcation project to do with your kids. If you do any electronic origami, inspired by […]

Best Slip ‘n Slide Ever Project Spotted in the Wild!

Photo: Paul at Digital Misery

Paul at Digital Misery decided to start tackling some Geek Dad projects, and this past weekend constructed a great version of the Slip ‘n Slide featured in the book with his family. He documented the whole process, step-by-step, and the outcome is pretty impressive!

Says Paul:

We decided to […]

Video From Reader Trying the Balloon-Camera Project

@cbalmain tweeted me this link to the video he and his son captured trying the balloon-and-video camera project from the book. Way cool! He didn’t get up really high, but it looks great!

Balloon-cam from cbalmain on Vimeo.