Oh Canada!

*tap* *tap* Check, check… Jerry, pull out the high end, I’m getting some hiss back here.

Hello, human beings! For those that don’t know me, I’m Dave- your humble Geekdadbookwebsite- or Geek Dad Book Website, depending on who you ask- administrator, forum master, and roundabout Canadian influence. For those looking to learn more, I’d direct you to here on the forums, whereupon I will BLOW YOUR MIND.

(And, uh, ignore that we don’t have any other topics, I’m working on that. The book’s not out yet, so I’m still being lazy. Either that, or Ken’s cheque bounced.)

I haven’t posted on the front page yet, but it’s high time I do so, with T-minus one month until launch of the book, and this thing destined to get huge and make Ken fabulously wealthy. I’m excited, as you all should be.

For the kind of content that’s actually useful to the website, I direct you to the biggest Canadian bookstore chain, Chapters, proudly selling the book online here! If you’re Canadian, and you haven’t ordered, then I’m not really sure we can be friends. Well, maybe.

Catch you later, folks.

3 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. As that post was “Made in Canada”, we will abide by CRTC regulations, and spell it correctly.

    Do you like apples? WELL HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?

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