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Book #1 (aka the “Red Book”) Makes Craft’s Holiday Gift Guide

The lovely folks over at Craft have put out a great book list gift guide, and been kind enough to include Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Parents and Kids to Share on the list.

Have a great dad (or uncle, or big brother) on your list? This book is full of […]

It’s GeekDad: The Anime Cartoon!

A little bit of fun, developed by my publisher in support of the books. If you look real close, the girl’s shirt says “Self-Rescuing Princess.”

Review: Reading by Example

At Living Changerously, Andrea picked up the book after her husband “couldn’t put it down”. While many of Geek Dad‘s projects are a little above the curve for their 6-year-old, the plan is looking forward to the future:

Some of the other projects we are planning on doing (and only haven’t yet because of all […]

Oh Canada!

*tap* *tap* Check, check… Jerry, pull out the high end, I’m getting some hiss back here.

Hello, human beings! For those that don’t know me, I’m Dave- your humble Geekdadbookwebsite- or Geek Dad Book Website, depending on who you ask- administrator, forum master, and roundabout Canadian influence. For those looking to learn more, I’d […]

Pre-Orders! We Have Pre-Orders!

Watching the Amazon sales rank float up and down every day, it was driving my crazy wondering what the numbers meant in terms of actual pre-orders for the book. Yesterday I had one of those “duh” moments when I realized that, since 99% of the action must be coming through the link on GeekDad, […]

Every Step Gets Me Halfway Closer

First thing in the morning, the corrected galley ships back across the country, and so does my last chance to change anything in the book. I think I’m okay with that. You know, except for the whole part about wondering if anything in it is really any good, and when are people going to figure […]