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Geek Dad Book Trailer is Live!

This video takes you right into the Geek Den with the Geek Dad himself, Ken Denmead. Don’t miss it!

Second Geek Dad Book Coming!

Today’s deals from

General/Other Editor of’s GeekDad blog, Ken Denmead’s THE GEEK DAD’S GUIDE TO WEEKEND HACK-TIVITIES, the follow-up to the NYT bestseller Geek Dad, featuring more advanced do-it-yourself projects that encourage the geeky/hacker ethic that says understanding how something works is just as important as building it in the first place, to […]

Every Step Gets Me Halfway Closer

First thing in the morning, the corrected galley ships back across the country, and so does my last chance to change anything in the book. I think I’m okay with that. You know, except for the whole part about wondering if anything in it is really any good, and when are people going to figure […]

Now Available for Pre-order!

It’s really getting very close now! Geek Dad is now available for pre-order on!


Niles hills on 3/7/09

I’m decently over 5k words today, and with a generalized goal of 50K words, I’m telling myself that it means I’m 10% done.

Not really, of course. This has all been revising parts of the proposal and getting my head around the orgnization of the book and the new writing […]