Press Alert #1: Upcoming PR Stuff for 5/1 – 5/7

I’m going to try to do these regularly – weekly if warranted – so anyone who is interested can follow what’s happened with the book and where I’ll be popping up. Here are the press hits planned for next week as of right now:

Tuesday 5/4: The Absolutely Mindy Show on Sirius/XM’s Kids Place Live 1:00pm PT/4:00pm ET.
Wednesday 5/6: Lesser Nerds Podcast– not sure when released on the day.
Thursday 5/6: WTIC Talk Radio Hartford, CT morning show with Ray Dunaway, 5:20am PT/8:20am ET.

T-Minus 5 Days

I feel like we’re having another kid.

That’s what this sense of anticipation (equal parts excitement and dread) feels like. I suppose that’s a good thing, but it’s tough to sit through a day at work when we’re THIS close!

There are various PR things happening soon. I’ll be on the Lesser Nerds podcast on Monday, and may record something for the Mr. Dad podcast on Tuesday. The Times of London (OMG!) should be running something about the book in the next couple weeks, and book signings at my local Barnes & Noble and Borders are set up. I’m sure there will be more, especially after the book hits the shelves.

Perhaps coolest/geekiest over the last couple days is trading messages with Wil Wheaton, and having him tell me to send him a copy.

The book has been sitting in the 700-900 range on the sales rankings, and notice that and also have it reader to launch. I’ll have to check back in with Powells and see where it’s at there, too.

Also, my editor told me late last week that they’d upped the printing pre-release, which is really good.

I think my head is going to asplode…

The First Review: Paul at Small Town Living “…knew [he] was going to love it.”

Well, this is a great way to start! Paul David Wilson on the blog/site Small Town Living has posted the first ever review of Geek Dad, and he was tremendously positive:

I knew as soon as I saw the cover of “Geek Dad; Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share”(Ken Denmead/Gotham Books) that I was going to love it.

Right below the title were pictures of a rocket ship, a telescope, a dragon, and a twenty-sided dice (used for role playing playing games like Dungeon and Dragons!)

I am a self-professed geek, and having kids of my own, I welcome the opportunity to indoctrinate them into “Geek-dom.”

Please go and read the review and give them some traffic and feedback. I’m so happy!

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Oh Canada!

*tap* *tap* Check, check… Jerry, pull out the high end, I’m getting some hiss back here.

Hello, human beings! For those that don’t know me, I’m Dave- your humble Geekdadbookwebsite- or Geek Dad Book Website, depending on who you ask- administrator, forum master, and roundabout Canadian influence. For those looking to learn more, I’d direct you to here on the forums, whereupon I will BLOW YOUR MIND.

(And, uh, ignore that we don’t have any other topics, I’m working on that. The book’s not out yet, so I’m still being lazy. Either that, or Ken’s cheque bounced.)

I haven’t posted on the front page yet, but it’s high time I do so, with T-minus one month until launch of the book, and this thing destined to get huge and make Ken fabulously wealthy. I’m excited, as you all should be.

For the kind of content that’s actually useful to the website, I direct you to the biggest Canadian bookstore chain, Chapters, proudly selling the book online here! If you’re Canadian, and you haven’t ordered, then I’m not really sure we can be friends. Well, maybe.

Catch you later, folks.